cooking equipment peralatan masak Chinese-Range Deep-Fat-Fryer Hot-Plate

Continental Range With oven

Application :- Gas operated cooking Range designed to accommodate four burner in a small Compact layout with oven underneath.

Features   :- Two Burner of low pressure, Two Burner of high pressure with individual Pilot for each burner, dip tray & choice of Gas/ Electric Oven underneath.

PRIMA deep fat fryer

Deep Fat Fryer (Electrical)

Application :- Electric Fryer for high speed deep frying of chips, meat, fish & snack Foods. Available in Single Tank & Double Tank.

Features   :- Integral SS Frying pan with cold zone, Baskets, Drain Valves, Thermostatic Control , swing out heating element, ON OFF Switch & Under Shelf


PRIMA Kwali Range

Chinese Cooking Range

Application :- Gas operated cooking range with extra strong pan rest with fire drum design to Provide concentrated intense heat for Chinese cooking. Available in Two Three & Five Burner Models

Feature     :- 18” rear back Splash with Faucets & optional continuously water flow system On range’s top.

PRIMA hot plate

Hot Plate

Application :- Gas operated hot plate designed to cater to high variety of menu flexibility.

Features     :- Available in One to Five burner Model. Cold panel in front , flue riser at rear,Grease channel for easy removal of left scrapings.